Tuesday, 28 February 2012

my crib!

the boy came to visit at the weekend! i usually spend my weekends in town with him, so it was lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine in the 'burbs for a change. because of this my little room is far tidier than usual so i thought i'd take a few snaps of some of my bits & bobs!

twig heart which guards my door
laugh, love, live heart given to my flatmate by our lovely friend Lisa x
where i keep my tooth brush (this is in the bathroom!)
shoes & mags... some of them
star lamp, my fav mirror & beautiful tulips
pretty pretty tulips
my amazing light alarm clock- awful in the mornings without it!
my note board with lots of bits from fav people & places
my hand knitted (by me!) scarf which has been so warm & much needed & my lovely vintage bag
super pretty light shade

Thursday, 16 February 2012

princess Marchesa

pure escapism and fairytale magic- i wish i had a dress like this and somewhere to wear it!

pictures from Style.com Marchesa Fall 12 NY

Saturday, 11 February 2012

blue eggs for breakfast!

pastels are huge this season and this extends to food - sweets & cupcakes are a given, but eggs? yes! you can get these gorgeous eggs from sainsbury's. they're from a farm in good old Cornwall of course! the shells are an amazing powder blue colour from the Old Cotswold Legbar hen.
but the question is how do they taste? i poached them this morning and had them with some seamed broccoli salt & pepper and a sprinkle of hemp seeds (my new favourite thing- i'm putting them on everything!) and they were damned tasty! go grab yourself some fashionable eggs!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

purple magic

this week i finally managed to pop over to Liberty and cash in my amazing Liberty vouchers which i was lucky enough to be given from my Mum for xmas and from the lovely boys & girls as a leaving pressie from my last role (thanks all!). if you've never seen Liberty vouchers- they are amazing- they come as over sized coins in a luxe black velvet pouch and a lovely purple Liberty box. they make the best gifts- you feel so special when you get one. the only thing is you don't want to spend them!!

for ages now i've been coveting a Liberty print silk scarf. the ianthe print is my all time favorite- a fantastic French Art Nouveau pattern. i particularly love the colours in this one! a wardrobe staple already x

thanks everyone x