Tuesday, 28 February 2012

my crib!

the boy came to visit at the weekend! i usually spend my weekends in town with him, so it was lovely to be able to enjoy the sunshine in the 'burbs for a change. because of this my little room is far tidier than usual so i thought i'd take a few snaps of some of my bits & bobs!

twig heart which guards my door
laugh, love, live heart given to my flatmate by our lovely friend Lisa x
where i keep my tooth brush (this is in the bathroom!)
shoes & mags... some of them
star lamp, my fav mirror & beautiful tulips
pretty pretty tulips
my amazing light alarm clock- awful in the mornings without it!
my note board with lots of bits from fav people & places
my hand knitted (by me!) scarf which has been so warm & much needed & my lovely vintage bag
super pretty light shade

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