Tuesday, 5 March 2013

And Other Stories...

OMG I am so excited! My favorite store H&M is opening a new brand called & Other Stories. They are opening stores in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, Paris and Stockholm this spring. The London store is on Regent Street at the site where Mamas & Papas used to be- it’s a big store over 3 floors if I remember rightly.
The store opens on Friday 8th March- I will be there! If you sign up to their mailing list www.stories.com you will be able to buy online from Thursday!
Oh dear- my bank manager is NOT going to be pleased!
Here's a few choice images from their tumblr http://and-other-stories.tumblr.com/ - check it out to whet your appetite...

SS/13 & Other Stories

SS/13 & Other Stories

SS/13 & Other Stories

SS/13 & Other Stories

Just a small taste - we’ll have more than 40 nail colours in our stores.

The looks & Other Stories

The looks & Other Stories

Poetic & dandy

Industrial & effortless

Shoes & Other Stories

Shoes & Other Stories

& Other Stories
You can also follow them on facebook, twitter & you tube.
SOOOOOOOOOO excited I can hardly sit still- I have to wait another 70 or so hours! Oh the accessories! Oh the make up! Oh the shoes!! ARGH!
I'll see you at the front of the queue! & will be showing off my purchases here very soon!
N x


Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram Lover x

I opened my instagram account half way through last year & very quickly became obsessed! I've become un-enamoured with Facebook- too many adds & too many idiots. But what I like about Facebook is the photo's, the voyeurism, lets face it I'm just plain nosey! 
Instagram's great because it's not just peoples babies and random nights out, its more snapshots of their lives, a truer representation of them selves, you like something, you snap it, make it look pretty & post! Plus people post and repost beautiful images, cute images (baby animals anyone?) - plus two of my favourite things fashion & food!!! I'm totally sold. I'll post my own photo's quite often so I thought I'd post the last few posts from others I've liked & give you some ideas of who to follow. 
I'd like to follow you so please post your instagram contact in comments & I'll check you out! Looking forward to meeting you!!!

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@honestlywtf @thassianaves @junejulymelrose 

@zmlv @rachel_roy @ncicek* 
@flashesofstyle @s_bells1* @emilyschuman
@thefashionguitar @styleonthecouch @charlotte_harrison

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The Londoner's Blogger's Lunch

A few weeks ago I saw a post from The Londoner who had the genius idea of arranging a bloggers lunch in London. Somewhere to grab a cocktail, pizza and meet some lovely fellow bloggers. If you don't follow Rose aka The Londoner check out her lifestyle blog, always there to add some interest to a boring lunch hour, filled with tales of her antics and lovely recipes- Slutty Brownies anyone? Rosie also has a gorgeous tumblr called A Nice Little Tumblr which I love to scroll through every now and again to fill my tired eyes with some beautiful images to make my heart sing! Any hoo- Rose very kindly organise a get together at B-Soho on Poland Street.

I picked out my outfit (very important!) and braved the snow and arrived fashionably late to the party on my own, fought my way to the bar and ordered a January friendly lime & soda. Feeling a little nervous at the prospect of integrating myself into the throng I was very kindly rescued by a quintet of lovely ladies who had also come alone.

A good time was had by all, we chatted and talked living in London, blogs even a little politics! Of course we swapped details eager to share our blogging fruits... Please have a look and follow!






It was great to meet Sophie, Vivi, Candace, Virgina & Eveliina (who I promise I will meet up with!!)

Also don't forget to check out Rose's blog's:





Saturday, 2 February 2013

Back in business!

Hi All! I'm back in the world of blogging!

New Year, new job, new house- new look sh*s & giggles! Lots going on hence the blog hiatus. I also have a long long list of subjects to share. Although I haven't been blogging I have been busy! 

What do you think of the new look?

I've also discovered instagram & have lots to share- expect regular instagram updates- here's a few to get started...

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Meringue Girls at Harvey Nics
Eye eye
Thermies for a very cold January
Outfit for Bloggers Lunch- more on that later
Beautiful Chandelier at Bob Bob Ricard
Amazing table flowers at Thanksgiving at the Inlaws

See you all very soon!



Tuesday, 28 August 2012


stars, stripes & spots

t shirt: h&m men's
necklace: h&m trend
skirt: primark
belt: hong kong market

Monday, 13 August 2012


all i can say is i want to live here! want want want- love love love!!!

sail boat in the store/ gorgeous neon lace skirt/ ombre sweater

triangle wicker chair/ best books/ violet vase/ oil print notebooks (must have a go myself...)/ patriotic table/ neon satchels/ i heart your style/ lovely dresser

glass tree

super cute apron- want/ amazing beaded clutch/ octopus candle stick/ owl cookie jar/ portrait plates

purfume fit for a queen/ more oil print note books/ pretty coloured glasses & crockery/ beautiful earings/ lovely necklaces/ hairy notebook!/ plush n for nicola/ alphabet notes

even the stairs are beautiful!/ view of book shelf/ glass tree display/ knobbly jugs!/ cloth cactus/ tile coasters

amazing living wall spanning all 3 floors/ even more oil print notebooks- do you think i want one?/ n again!/ artichoke tealight holders/ huge knitted blanket/ bed display with blanket for scale/ stationary area- love the tiled floor

beady eye of the crow watching over the crown jewels/ beautiful jewellery/ collar beaded necklace

i always find anthropology so inspirational. my first ever visit was in the grove in LA & i was in love ever since. i eagerly awaited the opening of the regent street store & it really doesn't disappoint. i'm yet to visit the other UK stores but they are definitely on my to do list.
if ever you're feeling down, uninspired or find your self at a loose end on a rainy day there is no better place!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

how to follow

i have asked several friends to follow my little blog & a few people have let me know it's not as easy as it seems. the easiest way is no doubt via bloglovin'   http://www.bloglovin.com/  it's a great site run buy a super young team of like minded guys & gals who were fed up of searching for individual blogs & missing new posts. you can put all of your favourite blogs in one place, organise them into categories and even search for more. all you need to do is sign up & search for your fav blogs & hit follow. you can also download bloglovin' as a handy app. here's a little info about them & a sneaky link to follow me! if you know someone who you think would enjoy this please forward them my link!!!
alternatively just click on 'follow my with bloglovin'