Monday, 4 February 2013

The Londoner's Blogger's Lunch

A few weeks ago I saw a post from The Londoner who had the genius idea of arranging a bloggers lunch in London. Somewhere to grab a cocktail, pizza and meet some lovely fellow bloggers. If you don't follow Rose aka The Londoner check out her lifestyle blog, always there to add some interest to a boring lunch hour, filled with tales of her antics and lovely recipes- Slutty Brownies anyone? Rosie also has a gorgeous tumblr called A Nice Little Tumblr which I love to scroll through every now and again to fill my tired eyes with some beautiful images to make my heart sing! Any hoo- Rose very kindly organise a get together at B-Soho on Poland Street.

I picked out my outfit (very important!) and braved the snow and arrived fashionably late to the party on my own, fought my way to the bar and ordered a January friendly lime & soda. Feeling a little nervous at the prospect of integrating myself into the throng I was very kindly rescued by a quintet of lovely ladies who had also come alone.

A good time was had by all, we chatted and talked living in London, blogs even a little politics! Of course we swapped details eager to share our blogging fruits... Please have a look and follow!

It was great to meet Sophie, Vivi, Candace, Virgina & Eveliina (who I promise I will meet up with!!)

Also don't forget to check out Rose's blog's:



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