Monday, 4 February 2013

Instagram Lover x

I opened my instagram account half way through last year & very quickly became obsessed! I've become un-enamoured with Facebook- too many adds & too many idiots. But what I like about Facebook is the photo's, the voyeurism, lets face it I'm just plain nosey! 
Instagram's great because it's not just peoples babies and random nights out, its more snapshots of their lives, a truer representation of them selves, you like something, you snap it, make it look pretty & post! Plus people post and repost beautiful images, cute images (baby animals anyone?) - plus two of my favourite things fashion & food!!! I'm totally sold. I'll post my own photo's quite often so I thought I'd post the last few posts from others I've liked & give you some ideas of who to follow. 
I'd like to follow you so please post your instagram contact in comments & I'll check you out! Looking forward to meeting you!!!

@wendyslookbook @dandarbyshire @tuulavintage  
@_carmel_louise @songdani @thefashionguitar
@honestlywtf @thassianaves @junejulymelrose 

@zmlv @rachel_roy @ncicek* 
@flashesofstyle @s_bells1* @emilyschuman
@thefashionguitar @styleonthecouch @charlotte_harrison

@dotty_w* @thassianaves @trendablapp
@kp1000* @requiredflare @thefashionguitar
@styleholicdiva @fightclubparis @libertylndngirl

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  1. Love this! I am equally addicted to instagram. Was wondering how you've put these photos into a collage? Is that with another app?

    1. Hi Virgina Thanks! I'm glad you like it! Sorry for the late reply- I pulled the images from Statigram into a powerpoint & then screen captured & cut them to post- I am sure there is a way of doing this via photoshop but I don't have :(

      I hope you're well & loving the blog! Looking for a holiday destination this year- any recommendations? Needs to be hot & 5*!

      N xxx